Complete Auto Repair

transmission serviceAt Olaya's Motorsports, LLC in Layton, we will provide you with quality service you can count on. Whether you need dent repair, require auto repairs as soon as possible, or have collision repair as the first step from recovering from a crash, we have you covered.

Our highly trained repair technicians will take care of your automobile from the inside out. They have expertise and experience to make sure your car is as good as new. At our auto body shop, we specialize in complete auto repairs. We will make sure you get the best services for your car. A beat up car would not look and operate well if you don’t get repair services as soon as possible.

We plan to make your vehicle roadworthy and presentable again. For more information about how our complete auto repair services work, do not hesitate to call us at Olaya's Motorsports, LLC. We proudly serve the UT area.